Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cebu: Bantayan Island

Okay, let me try to put this together for you guys. It's been a while but it's fortunate that I was able stash my tickets on my backpack pockets.

I squeezed in this trip in between my 2 weeks business trip in Cebu (February 24-25,2013). It was an overnight trip for me which is not recommended considering the travel time, but I was desperate for a vacation at the time so I was 'i'll get what i can get', hehe.

We were off at 3:30 in the morning to catch the bus departing at 4:00AM going to Hagnaya Port. We took a cab to the North Bus Terminal and was welcomed by a group of men pointing us supposedly to the bus that would depart first. Ignoring them, we chose the most reliable looking bus - Ceres Liner. Bus costs Php150.00/way.

We arrived at Hagnaya 6:30 in the morning but the ferry departing at 7:00AM (Operated by Island Shipping-which was faster with 1.5 hours travel time) was fully booked. We ended up with Super Shuttle Ferry which departed at 8:00AM, travel time was 2 hours. Ferries depart at an hour interval -Php170.00/way +Php5.00 Terminal Fee (2 Php5.00 terminal fees for the return trip).
Approaching Bantayan Island
At the Port

Anika Resort's shuttle was waiting for us when we arrived at Santa Fe port. Anika Island Resort is one of the newest resorts in Bantayan Island and was recommended by a friend. Reservation was done via email but I wouldn't give it here since I received a notice 10 days ago that their email has been hacked. You may still reach Anika Island Resort by phone (+63917)3284898 or check out their website:

We got their Garden View Room (Trailer) at Php1750/night. The room was pretty much beach front. I think the only con was that most of what's offered on their menu was unavailable, especially during peak hours. They would nicely inform you though that this and that were out of stock. It might be because the resort is new and they haven't gotten the correct estimate of supplies to meet the demand yet. Anyhow it was remedied by pre-ordering your dinner during lunch.haha!
Anika Island Resort - Beach Front
 The Restaurant
Restaurant + Front Desk
 Our Room
View from the window
+ Extra Fold-able Bed

The Beach

Food to try..^-^
Bantayan Special Danggit
Fish Kinilaw
Activities are also available if you have the time (this is another reason why an overnight trip is not recommended);
Bantayan Island Tour - Php1,800.00
Virgin Island-Island Hopping Activity
Pump Boat Rental- Php900-Php2,500 (varies depending on capacity and destination)
Virgin Island Entrance Fee - Php500.00 (for 5 pax or less) Php50.00 per additional pax
Virgin Island Cottage - Php100.00 (8 pax)
Snorkeling Fee - Php200.00 (if you decide not to dock but snorkel in the area)

There you go, as much detail as I can muster! Enjoy!


  1. Great beach pics - Btw that kinilaw looks interesting. I've never seen kinilaw presented that way before.

  2. We stayed at Anika too, best eco-designed resort in Santa Fe. Too bad their restaurant doesn't give diners a view of the ocean though. :)

  3. Our entrance fee in Virgin Island was 500 for first 2 people then 100 per person. I couldn't believe the increase after just a short period of time. Great post.

    Adventurous Boy at Bantayan Island